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Skilon is a brand-new platform for all candidates with digital skills who want to make their skills shine and get hired only based on their expertise.

So, let us walk you through the process of registering and completing your profile.

Create an Account

First of all, you have to create an account with your name, email and password. Then you verify your email (you might want to check your spam folder, just in case). And your account is created! (All of your data will be safe – for more information you can read our Privacy Policy)

After that you have to complete your profile. On the upper bar you can see your progress.

Once you complete 100% of your profile, it makes it more appealing to recruiters to find you and can get you recruited easier. But how do you complete your profile?

Edit your Resume

First, you click on Edit Resume. You can add Personal Information – country of residence, phone, a profile picture. General Information where you can upload your CV, list desired work locations, your LinkedIn profile. You can also list your work and educational experience. 

Then the most important part – start adding up your skills!

Add your Skills

On the Skilon platform you can find a rich variety of skills which have in common that they are all digital!

After you select the skills you have, you will be asked to evaluate yourself, so to put a % to it – that means how good you actually are at it. 

Request a Skill Assessment

After filling in all of your skills, you will be able to request a test for each of them by clicking on the Request Test button. If a certain skill does not have an associated test yet, the Request Button will appear disabled.

When you finish a test, you will receive a score which will automatically replace your own evaluation for that skill. If you don’t like the score, you can hide the skill from your profile and take the test again after a certain period of time.

Pro Tip!  When the % is generated from a test you did on the Skilon platform, the chances of getting hired are bigger than when you put in your own evaluation.

The assessments on Skilon are the core value of our platform. So, let us take you through them and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Every assessment is unique depending on the skill. They can vary from 20 to 60 minutes duration with multiple choice questions and coding questions.

Pro Tip! While you are doing the assessment, your camera must be on and the platform can detect your moves, who is around you, if you’re changing the window, and so on!

Now, let us show you two examples.

Take an Assessment – Example 1 – ReactJS

The first one is a 20-minute assessment for ReactJS. When you log in with your access code you will have a page explaining the process.

As you can see from this sheet, the current assessment has 22 questions. There is also a more detailed description of the questions’ answering process.

Once you start, you can answer the questions one by one, skip some and get back to them later or even submit the test with some unanswered questions.

Take an Assessment – Example 2 – Full Stack Developer

Our second example is for Fundamentals – FullStack Developer (Java, Web)with duration of 60 minutes.

As you can see, on this test there are 4 different sections. Each section has different amount of questions based on their type. The first three sections are more similar to the first test we saw, so let’s take a deeper look into the fourth section.

This section has the purpose of testing your coding skills. You will need to write a code, compile and check if you got the right answer; this will help you show everything you know and can do.

What if I don’t succeed an Assessment?

After the test is finished, you will receive a report immediately. The report is very detailed and will show you your strengths and weaknesses on the chosen skill.

If you don’t have the desired note after taking the assessment, you can simply hide that skill and the hiring companies or recruiters won’t be able to see it. You can retake a test after a certain period of time.

Did you know you get a bounty when you get hired?

Once you get hired from our platform, you can send us your contract and you might be eligible for a bounty.

Oh, you do not know about the bounty?! You are here for a nice treat then! Every candidate hired through Skilon will receive a bounty of 1% of their annual salary – in case such candidate has taken 3 tests out of which one test is of 1 hour duration. In other words, that means if you receive a 50 000 euros annual salary, at the end of the year Skilon will offer you an additional 500 euros!

Best of luck from the Skilon team!

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