Candidates – How it Works

Sign-up either by creating a username/password or by using your LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+ account.


If you sign-up with a new username/password, you will receive a mail to verify your email address before you can continue. 

Check your spam folder if you don’t see the mail in your inbox.

After you verify your email, you get to the Candidate Homepage. This is your starting point every time you login to Skilon.

Click on “[Edit Profile]” to add skills and general information.

Add your skills (Java, PHP, Node.js, ExpressJS, Cybersecurity, cloud computing, Fullstack, Test engineer, Machine learning, etc).

Any other info is optional, but we recommend filling all info as this helps recruiters better find you when using our candidates search engine.

Click on “Request Test” next to each of the skills for which you decide to take a Test. You can take several tests.  


You will get a mail with the link to follow. Read the instructions once you follow the link. Each test can be made of 1 to several sections. The timer stops at each section end Tests are usually 20, 30 to 60 minutes long.


  • Proctoring is enabled; this means that any cheating attempt will be detected and recorded.
  • If you do not succeed the test, you can choose not to publish the test report. It will be your choice as a candidate what you do with the test results.

Adding your work experience, your education or other fields are optional, but recommended as it helps employers and recruiters to find your profile better with our search engine.

Wondering how a Test works?

Here's a quick sample test to try it out

Take a Sample Test


Making your skills shine

Our core mission is to make your skills shine. Take our tests and publish your proven skills to reach recruiters and headhunters easily and quickly. We are here to diversify the workforce by shedding the light on qualified candidates and what they know rather than what they look like.