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Register your resume, take tests online and stand out for companies to hire you anywhere in the world. Once hired, we offer you a generous bounty in euros.

Register your profile

  • Enter username and password
  • Read and accept our privacy policy
  • Verify your email address (check your spam folder)

Fill your resume

  • Add your experience, education and languages
  • Add your skills from the list and provide a first self-assessment
  • You cannot apply to a job ad or be visible to companies/recruiters before taking at least 1 test with a successful outcome

If any skill is missing, contact us at

Take skills tests

  • Click on the “Request Test” button that you can find next to each of your selected skills
  • You will be assigned the test(s) within 24 hours and get the invite by mail (check your spam folder)
  • Take the tests online on our platform during the timeframe set in the invitation mail; please read and follow the instructions before you start any test

Note that most questions are multiple choice questions, except for tests that include coding questions

Select which test reports to show

  • When you have succeeded 1 test, then your profile becomes visible to companies/recruiters
  • Keep on your resume only the skills that you are very good at
  • Check your results and accordingly hide or show any test report; note that if you decide to hide the test report, then the associated skill will not show to anyone but you. You are free to set it as visible anytime you want
  • You can request to take again any skill test you failed after a certain period

Get paid for your efforts; we offer candidates a nice bounty in €€€ once hired

  • Candidates that succeed at least 3 tests on Skilon are eligible for a bounty once hired by a company that had its job ad on
  • The bounty is equal to 1% of the candidate’s annual salary on the new contract. For example, an annual salary of 50,000€ would generate a bounty of 500€ for the candidate.
  • Note that once hired, the candidate should contact to inform us in order to get the bounty.

And yes, it’s all for Free!

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