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E.L.I.A.S stands for Executive Leadership, Intelligence and Advisory Services.
Today E.L.I.A.S is a team of like-minded and efficient collaborators who offer to businesses fit for purpose digital transformation, strategy or transition management services.

Over the last decade, online commerce, mobile applications and social networks have integrated our lives and habits. These trends are set to accelerate, now that technology is mature, and the market is growing fast.

Recently, expressions like “digital transformation” or “digital marketing” are used to talk about these technologies. These are mostly implemented by medium to big enterprises essentially due to considerable investments.

Imagine if your enterprise can benefit from these technology and business trends allowing you to remain competitive. We have developed a business model that is straightforward, functional and scalable in order to provide such technology for SMEs with just a small investment of less than 10.000 €.

“Our mission is to make digital transformation accessible to all.”

And that’s a mission we believe is worth fighting for.

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