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Export Control is the area of legislation that regulates the export, import, transit, brokerage, intangible transfer and technical assistance of controlled goods, software and technology. Those controlled items are prevented, or otherwise restricted (e.g. by the way of a Governmental license), from being sent to destinations where it is perceived the items will be used in a harmful way.

RespectUs will provide a one-stop-shop online platform to ensure the establishment of mechanisms within any company’s daily operational procedures that provide checks and safeguards at vulnerable points of the system. The use of this platform will reduce the risk of illegal exports, and to be punished by criminal sanctions and important fines.

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product, deployed from Luxembourg, will first focus on companies in the Space vertical, and then scale to exporting companies of other industry sectors , as well as their suppliers and banks. We will strictly focus on export control compliance, and not develop in parallel other trade solutions.

This one-stop-shop solution will reduce customer pains by offering full automation of screening and checks processes, help in classification of dual-use and other sensitive items, incorporating legislations of all relevant countries and assistance in reaching and proving overall export control compliance. The solution will be used internally by CEOs, compliance officers and product engineers, but also by licensing offices. We reduce hassle, risk and costs.

The platform will be composed of different modules, each of them being able to be subscribed to individually: risk assessment, customer screening, product classification, end-use checks, license determination, sanctions & embargoes, knowledge base.

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