Paperjam Club Members – Free Access until 30 June 2020

Stay Home. Hire Online

Tough measures in tough times tackling Covid-19. Almost everyone needs to stay home, but that shouldn’t mean isolation, nor not being able to move forward. From our end, we decided to contribute in keeping things in action. We can do this by supporting companies of any size in their sourcing and recruiting efforts for IT candidates.

In a nutshell

We decided to launch our platform SKILON several weeks earlier than planned providing free access to the Paperjam club members until end of June 2020. You will be able to send the candidates to our platform so that they can take technical assessments on different skills such as mobile application development, fullstack web development, amazon cloud computing, cyber security, NodeJS, React, R, etc. Such assessments include multiple choice questions as well as coding exercises. For every job, choose the skills you want a candidate to be assessed on and then select those candidates who meet your job needs.

Getting Started

  • Register your company, select username and password…
  • Read and accept our privacy policy
  • Verify your email address (check your spam folder).
  • We might need to validate your account within the next few hours.
  • No payment nor any credit card details are required. We are offering this service for free until 30 June 2020.

Create a Job Ad and invite your candidates

  • Create a job Ad for free, add job details and requirements
  • Add required skills that matter most; these are the skills that your candidates will be assessed on.
  • Add desired skills that would be a plus, where no assessment is required.
  • Invite your candidates to your job ad page or add a link from LinkedIn Apply button to your job ad page on Skilon.
  • Your candidates will take 1 or more online assessments depending on your expectations. Read our post on Skilon Reliability and Validity Process.

Here’s a sample of a Job Description that includes required skills for a candidate to take before applying to the job.

We are here to help…

Contact us at any point in time to support you and get you started in no time.

Please stay safe.

Making your skills shine

Our core mission is to make your skills shine. Take our tests and publish your proven skills to reach recruiters and headhunters easily and quickly. We are here to diversify the workforce by shedding the light on qualified candidates and what they know rather than what they look like.