Schengen Visa Amended in 02/2020

As from 02 February 2020, Schengen visa will be amended.

What are the Schengen Visa changes:

1. Higher Visa Fees

* The standard fee will increase from €60 to €80

* Lower fee (Children 6 to 12) will increase from €35 to €40

2. More Flexible Procedure

* Travelers will be able to submit their applications no later than 15 days before their planned trip and up to six months in advance

* Application Form can now be signed and submitted electronically

3. Schengen Representatives

* Representative authorities of every Schengen state must be present in every third country, through their embassy/consulate

* A member state can outsource the Schengen visa admission to an external service provider (their fee should not exceed the amount of the visa fee)

4. Multiple Entry Visa

* Frequent travelers with a positive visa history to benefit from visas with lengthier validity

* Gradually increasing validity period from one year to a maximum of five years

5. Readmission of Illegal Migrants

* The new visa code foresees using visa processing as a leverage to push third-countries to collaborate on readmission of illegal immigrants.

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