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Skilon was initiated with the mindset of making candidates skills shine. Your skills are what matters, not your gender, age or skin color. Show the skills that you’re good at and get hired anywhere.

Skilon was initiated with the mindset of making candidates skills shine.

If a company is looking for an IT developer, or a Test engineer, or any IT skills, then what should count are the candidate skills, and not their gender, age, origins, skin colour or location.

Javascript – REACT – NodeJS – Angular.js – JAVA – Amazon Web Services – Cyber Security – Machine Learning – .NET – SQL…

Some of the skills you can test on our platform

We have high-quality tests for over 500 skills. There is more to come soon.

We invite candidates to take tests for the skills where they know they can shine and stand out from other candidates. If a candidate fails a test, they can hide that skill from their profile and take the test again after a certain period. In fact, candidates are encouraged to only show the skills they are good at.

A company or a recruiting agency will post a job ad stating the skills they’re looking for in a candidate. Qualified candidates that have succeeded the tests for the skills will stand out once applying for that job.

Candidates that have succeeded at least 3 tests on Skilon are eligible for a bounty once hired by a company that had its paid job ad on The bounty is equal to 1% of the candidate’s annual salary on their new contract. For example, an annual salary of 50,000€ would generate a bounty of 500€ for the candidate.

Our partners offer companies and candidates professional relocation services (visa request, rent apartment, administration paper on arrival to job location country, etc); feel free to contact us so we get you in touch with them.

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Making your skills shine

Our core mission is to make your skills shine. Take our tests and publish your proven skills to reach recruiters and headhunters easily and quickly. We are here to diversify the workforce by shedding the light on qualified candidates and what they know rather than what they look like.