Relocation and Immigration Services

What are Relocation & Immigration Services and why it can be useful to HR and employees relocating ?

Imagine that you are relocating without any support to a new country and starting a life in a place you don’t know. Without the assistance of professionals this could be challenging!
Relocation & immigration services have been provided by companies to assist their employees transferring to a new location for many years. If they use to do it internally in the past, most are now subcontracting to relocation & immigration suppliers.

This article is written by our partner LuxRelo in Luxembourg.
Work permits and residence permits can be difficult to obtain and above all are time consuming. Relocation companies are here to assist the employee during the whole process.
Third Country Nationals: Immigration Assistance (Work Permit / Residence Permit)
  • Information on the different types of work permits (EU Blue Card, Salaried Worker, ICT…)
  • Information on documents and certificates needed (we can assist with translations)
  • Assistance with the application form to be submitted to the Ministry
  • Regular follow up as the process can take time
  • Initial declaration of arrival
  • Medical visit, TB test, X-Ray
  • Application for Residency Permit & Biometrics
  • Final registration at the new town hall of residence.
Third Country Nationals: Residency Permit Renewal
  • Information on documents and certificates needed.
  • Assistance with the application form extension to be submitted to the Ministry.
Employee Benefits
  • Services delivered by immigration experts of the local market
  • Step by step assistance and support to gather all the documents
  • Control and submission of the files
  • Follow up of the file status on their behalf
  • Accompanied support for the declaration of arrival, the doctor’s and Ligue’s appointments
  • Preparation and presentation of the residence permit file.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Advice on best work permits to apply for depending on the employee’s contract and salary
  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department
  • Compliance to your organization’s relocation policy on the eligible time
  • Efficiency in having employee file being processed quickly.
Moving to a new country can be a stressful experience.

Employees starting a new job and life in Luxembourg and don’t know much about the country or the best places to live according to their lifestyle and work location.

Relocation companies are here to show the employees around Luxembourg main residential areas as well as schools, shopping & sport centers. Getting to know the future environment is important and relieves some stress from the assignee. They also provide information about the neighborhood, public transportation, shops…or most general questions the assignee might have.

During the tour they also explain the housing market as well as the housing rules and conditions.

This article is written by our partner LuxRelo in Luxembourg.
Employee Benefits
  • Welcome Pack
  • Discussion with the employees to identify their needs
  • Customized orientation tour of Luxembourg based on the requirements discussed in the pre-orientation consultation
  • Provide rental market, housing, Real Estate market, demographic, economic and lifestyle information
  • Advise transferees on areas requested based on lifestyle, budget, etc.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • The employees get a clear view of Luxembourg and will be able to make a quicker decision
  • It helps the employees to manage their expectations
  • Relieves this burden from Human Resources as the dedicated Relocation Specialist will provide information about rental markets, housing, demographic and economic in specified areas
  • Helps the employee to settle quickly and comfortably into their new communities and surroundings, enabling them to focus on their jobs and productivity.
Whether the employees are moving for business or need short-term accommodation for personal reasons, relocation companies can assist in looking for furnished apartments to be the temporary welcome home needed. This can be for 1 week, 1 month or longer.

Short-term Accommodations are commonly used as a solution for temporary assignments, as a stop gap measure during an employee’s initial arrival period, or before their departure. An environment that is comfortable and familiar to the employee provides an easier transition into the new country.

Employee Benefits
  • Initial consultation & need analysis with local consultants
  • Market search tailored to budget and requirements using our trusted providers
  • Negotiation & reservation on their behalf
  • Peace of mind knowing that they (and eventually their family) can settle into a home environment immediately upon arrival.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department
  • Service tailored to your internal policy & allowance
  • Rental agreement negotiation
  • Coordination of the deposit & the payments
  • Hotel costs are reduced
  • Employees’ settling-in time is greatly reduced, which enables them to be productive immediately upon arrival.
An important aspect to a successful relocation is a home where the transferee feels comfortable. Relocation companies assist the employees in finding a home that meets their individual requirements.
Home Search Includes
  • Needs Assessment Form (NAF) sent to employees to have their detailed requirements
  • Research available rental housing according to indicated requirements and budget
  • Preparation of the visits and the itinerary
  • Meet the transferee and provide them with a welcome pack that includes local information
  • Accompany transferee to viewing appointments (accompanied)
  • Lease negotiation and control of leasing contracts, assistance in organizing first month payment rent.
  • Inventory check-in.
Employee Benefits
  • Services delivered by relocation experts of the local market
  • Personalized welcome and information kit.
  • Assistance with finding accommodations based on individual needs
  • Selection of properties by researching internet offers, contacting property managers, and enlisting the assistance of local real-estate agents
  • Research based on needs, budget, and lifestyle of transferee
  • Assist in negotiations with landlords and filling out of paperwork
  • Ensure lease terms are to the employee’s best interest.
  • Take advantage of the consultant’s knowledge of the market and estate agencies.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department
  • Compliance to your organization’s relocation policy on the eligible time
  • Reduces hotels stays and costly related expenses
  • Efficiency in having employee private’s life settled.
Relocation services settling-in services ensure the employee feels comfortable in his new Luxembourg environment, and is well informed.


Settling in could include

Option1: Light Assistance

  • Opening of a bank account
  • Advice on home & personal insurance.

Option2: Full Assistance

  • Opening of a bank account
  • Advice on home & personal insurance
  • Advice on telephone, mobile, internet and utilities
  • Advice on car purchase or lease
  • Advice on sport centers
  • Advice on doctors, hospital, health care
  • Information on women’s club or networking groups.
Employee Benefits
  • Overview about legal requirements, lifestyle and recreation, entertainment, Luxemburgish culture, transportation, banking, home and car insurance, telephone and internet providers, schooling, health care system, doctors, dentists, hospitals, emergency numbers etc
  • Helps to have private matters efficiently set up, and benefits from local experience.
 Corporate Account Benefits
  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department
  • Flexible services tailored to your employee’s needs and requests
  • Allows relocating employee to settle in their new life quickly and focus on their job.
Relocation company administrative services help the assignee to set up all their administrative tasks in their new country.


Administrative Services could include:

Option 1: Registration + 4 Services

Option 2: Registration + more than 4 Services

  • EU Residence Authorization Application (Documents are accepted in French, German and English. We can assist for certified translations)
  • Registration at the new town hall of residence for the employee & their family (Visit at the commune is with all members of the family at the same time. Additional cost if separate visits)
  • Co-insurance of family members for social security (public health care)
  • Organize parking permit authorization
  • Exchange of driving license for NON-EU
  • Registration of driving license for EU
  • Assistance with the tax card corrections
  • Introduction of child allowance application
  • Assistance with cheque service application
  • Assistance with registration of pets.
Employee Benefits
  • Support in understanding the complexity of the new country’s administration by having someone helping them through the process
  • It relieves the administrative burden and stress of relocating.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Time saving for the agent & mobility/HR department
  • Flexible services tailored to your assignee’s needs and requests
  • Allows relocating employee to settle in their new life quickly and focus on their job.
Finding a school / crèche for their children is usually the main stress for parents and is essential for a smooth relocation process.

** When relocating a family, School search should be the first service in the relocation process as spaces are limited in most schools in Luxembourg**

Relocation companies assist the employee to assess the suitability/availability of schools/crèche both Public and Private in Luxembourg and helps for appointments and applications.


School/Crèche Search Includes
  • Complete need analysis
  • Combines phone consultation and research.
  • Organize school/crèche tours
  • Set up appointments with head of admissions
  • Supply information regarding the application process
  • Inform employee on deadlines.
Employee Benefits
  • Overview of the schooling options in Luxembourg
  • Research based on children age, language and schooling history
  • Advice on the different offers.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Time saving for the mobility/HR department
  • Local intelligence of the Luxemburgish school systems
  • Independent advice.
Relocations often fail when a dual-career spouse or partner is unable to find the right job in a new community or country.

Important to consider the spouse’s specific requirements to help them integrate into their new life. 


Services could include
  • Online coaching and assistance
  • One-on-one Career Coach (matched specifically to an individual’s needs and based on the destination country)
  • CV/ Resumé and Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Review and Recording with Career Coach
  • Networking Assistance with Target Companies
  • Customized Job Search Research Support
  • Social Media Guidance
  • Proactive Strategy for Targeting Companies
  • We also understand that, depending on where in the world your transferees move to, securing a new job or finding ways to continue their career can be challenging. Our spousal job search programs provide personalized career support to help job seekers prepare for and conduct an effective a job search in the new country. We also help individuals explore other career options when conventional employment is not possible.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Reduce workload and gives peace of mind to the mobility/HR department
  • Employee are free to focus on their new job without worrying about their spouse
  • Supporting assignee’s partner increases the chances of a successful assignment
  • Employees and their partner will feel happier in the location.
Departure Program is designed to ensure all required documentation and follow up is completed in conjunction with the transferee prior to departure from Luxembourg.


Departure includes
  • Consultation with employee to confirm departure date and identify assistance required
  • Assist transferee for lease cancellation
  • Counsel transferee in disconnection of utilities pending departure date
  • Provide check out inspection of rental accommodations and report damages to client.Arrange final utility bills to be forwarded to transferee’s new address or client contact
  • Arrange cleaning & repairs if needed and requested
  • Arrange painting by professional if needed
  • Arrange key handover
  • Assist with return of deposits.
Employee Benefits
  • Take out the administrative process and burden of closing the home
  • Allows the employee and his family to focus on their next home
  • Relocation specialists acts as liaison between tenant, landlord, and third-party suppliers
  • Assistance and guidance through the lease termination check out inspection of the property, and any other closing down requirements of the home.
Corporate Account Benefits
  • Reduce workload and gives peace of mind to the mobility/HR department
  • Move out inspection performed to ensure employer or transferee will not be liable for erroneous claims and charges made by the landlord
  • Relocation Specialist acts as an objective party to determine responsibilities.

Relocation Specialist provides documentation of the move out inspection and any services that must be completed.

Moving your household goods to a new residence and a new country can be time consuming and stressful.

Move management relocation team has the knowledge and experience of international household goods moves management and we can coordinate the whole door to door process from or to Luxembourg. We provide planning, scheduling, budgeting, and coordinating for your moves. These services help minimize (or eliminate) downtime and extra moving expenses. 

Removal Quotes include
  • Cost effective solutions and complete transparency of charges
  • A flexible offer, respectful of global and local HR strategies
  • Organization of free pre-move surveys by our qualified surveyors. They will be able to answer to all the assignees questions regarding the organization of the move, the packing, the insurance coverage, or the customs process
  • Confirmation of the move to the partner
  • Insurance coverage
  • Supervision of the move from door to door with one point of contact.

Worldwide move can be organized by:

  • Sea
  • Air
  • Road

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